Sunday, December 3, 2006

Seven days Before10th December 2006

There was a beautifull memory when i was young, love starting on this day.There was a little beautifull story on this day, when a birthday card find me like a key to open the heart ,comin from heaven and sending to the beautifull angel in the earth. And the story began, the tears fallin, and the soul will going down. with her eyes, with her glasses she comin to careless me when the life feeling so black.She's coming with one save me. I'm the sadness prince,the knight in others world and the night which waiting for starlight.she do it, but she's gone when i'm gone and never look back my way.To my "lifetime DD" thanks for everything, So wonderfull life will comin and giving the light and cure all of my sickness. and the sroty still continued...coming soon!!

who is hidetoshi ???